Immortal Legends

Legends Never Die, They are Immortal


A very welcome to the visitors. is created as a tribute to all those legends that sacrificed their life for our motherland India.These legends selflessly dedicated their life for the better future of India. Their contribution towards their motherland will inspire the upcoming generations to stand for their country.


These Great Legends deserved to be known by each and every citizen of India. A proud Indian should know about all those people that changed our life by sacrificing their life. Not only freedom fighters, but also soldiers of our Great Indian army. shares the details of those Legends, that are unknown to the majority of people.


Yes, being a proud citizen of India you can play an important role by joining with us and pay homage to the true sons of our motherland India. You can contribute to the by joining with us. For more information click on Join Us. As our ultimate goal is to have a lists of all those legends, that dedicated their for India and share their teachings and experience with citizens of India.